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Competitive Intelligence

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We provide tailored competitive intelligence solutions by extracting, curating, annotating and integrating data across all phases of drug discovery and development.

Company Analysis

  • Details on company areas of research, their financial state, and drug pipeline
  • Updation on key developments occurring around drugs, companies, targets, disease areas, of interest

Clinical Trial Analysis

  • Latest clinical trials, trial outcomes and adverse event information
  • Company, drug, and deal data

Drug Analysis

  • Drug target and drug toxicity reports
  • Weekly/monthly drug development activity summary

Patent Analysis

  • Patent Reports include abstracts to emphasize the novel aspect of the invention, the most representative claimed structure, patent expirations for granted patents, and infringement information

KOL Analysis

  • Report on key leaders to help you in key decisions
  • Identify, rank in order of importance, track and map your KOLs