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Pharma & Life Sciences

We provide customized reports by integrating biological, chemical and pharmacological data to provide insights and support decision-making.

Preclinical and Clinical Data

  • Chemical and Biological data extraction from patents and journals
  • Pipeline drugs and experimental data outcomes
  • Epigenetic regulation; Genotype – phenotype correlation; Gene signature analysis
  • Study mechanisms of action at molecular level

Target Analysis

  • Latest drug targets’ information to facilitate better and faster business critical decisions

Clinical Trial Intelligence

  • Meta Analysis of trials
  • Clinical trials by drug, company, or indication
  • Trial outcomes from journals, conferences, press releases, etc.

Drug Reports

  • Current and historical development status of a drug.
  • Information from the companies involved in the drug’s discovery and development to chemical structure, details, and indications
  • Pre-clinical data; ongoing and completed clinical trials; as well as patent information and more

System Biology

  • Systems biology information on genes, proteins, molecular processes, interactions, networks etc