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Health Care and Precision Medicine

We help you in providing the data to choose the right treatment to the right person with greater insights on patient care and cost management.

Variant Analysis

  • Variant association with disease or response, including level of correlation and role as a biomarker
  • Clinical relevance of a gene variant, with supporting evidence from trials, Guidelines, and approval documents
  • advancements in variant discoveries by accessing new gene variant information

Biomarker Knowledge & Discovery

  • Biomarkers and their uses across the full spectrum of drug discovery and development; risk, protection, diagnosis, prognosis, efficacy, safety and resistance
  • Clinical and preclinical qualification of the biomarkers along with their correlation to the endpoints.

Ontology Development

  • Develop ontology for Indications, Drugs, Technologies, Companies, Target s,Tissues, Processes, Organisms, Localizations, Cell Lines, Molecular Functions, Patient Segment, and Trial Endpoints
  • MeSH, ICD, GO, PubChem, MedDRA, CDISC, SNOMED etc